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Everglow Salon, Yoga, & Wellness Spa Overland Park

Everglow offers Salon & Hair Services, Spa & Facial Treatments, Massage, Yoga Classes, Private Yoga Lessons, and Hot Yoga.


Mission Statement

Everglow got it’s name from the idea that there is a light within all of us that is forever burning, and keeps us going when times get tough. Since all human beings are caretakers of their own light, our mantra is “Lit from within”. This light is within us all, and therefore connects us all. Our goal at Everglow is to help everyone shine from the inside out. Whether you are new to Yoga, or a seasoned practitioner we have a class for you! With class offerings ranging from Beginner Basics (Yoga Fundamentals), to Advanced Vinyasa, as well as a wide range of Hot Yoga classes with our special infrared heat panels. We even have Yoga Pilates fusion, as well as classical Ashtanga. Our mission at Everglow, is not only to create community and a haven for all, but to integrate fully into our existing community. Not simply as a local business, but as a safe space where people can come home to themselves. Yoga embodies many things, and there are many who view Yoga simply as a form of exercise—but those in the know, know better! Yoga is stress relief, therapy, a way to unify the mind/body/spirit connection. As these connections grow and deepen, we experience profound change…even on a cellular level. Yoga is mindful movement. A way to build more conscious awareness not just of our physical Asana practice—but also of our internal dialogue, and the way we think. Of our emotions, and the way we feel. And finally, of our external lives. Our relationships, and the way we exist in the world in relation to one another. The benefits of a consistent practice are endless!

Everglow’s main mission is to provide a space for students of varying backgrounds and differing lives. Believing fully that Yoga is for everybody, there is no one demographic we seek or cater to. All are welcome. With special outreach and discounts to our communities First Responders, Veterans and active duty military members…as well as teachers, students, nurses, etc…we plan to make Yoga as accessible as possible! Offering a plethora of class times that will work with anyone’s busy schedule. We have experienced RYT trained professional teachers, who everyday contribute to Everglow’s core mission, of making Yoga and mindfulness practices a part of peoples daily lives. Providing top quality classes, and personalized training that is second to none. All set in a design worthy space that promotes peace, tranquility, and is unique unto itself. Students will come for the practice, and stay for the beauty and rest they find inside our walls. Everglow is a haven for those who seek peace, community, and solace from their busy lives.

At Everglow, we believe that a quality experience in the Yoga studio setting is of the utmost importance. As a boutique studio, we always limit class sizes to 20-25 people so that students feel seen. All practitioners are encouraged to sign up for class in advance. This way our teachers always know who is coming, we learn your name, and most importantly we can always keep you abreast of any possible changes to the schedule. Consistency is key, and creating a quality experience from the moment you sign in/up is our highest priority. What are you waiting for? Join the Mindful Movement!!

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